Setup SFTP Service allowing Filing Cabinet to be shared

Setup SFTP Service allowing Filing Cabinet to be shared

Tracker Pro has an onboard SFTP Service.
This  allows filing cabinet files stored to be loaded on the engineer web app and also the customer webapp.
It additionally allows any Remote WAN Client Installations of Tracker Pro ( remote office workers)  to synchronise securely the filing cabinet.
It additionally allows any Remote WAN Client Installations of Tracker Pro ( remote office workers)  to send emails which are routed out through the main server.
This happens transparently for the user requiring only that the following is setup correctly:

  1. That the Tracker Pro SFTP service is started on the server
  2. That the Tracker Pro service has been started on the server PC and also the client PC's.
  3. Other Routing and Firewall Work on your modem/router and Tracker Pro Server are undertaken (2 points below)
  1. That you have setup a route on your modem/router directing all the incoming SFTP port traffic to your Tracker Pro server PC.
  2. That you have created an exception in any software firewall you have running on your Tracker Pro Server PC allowing all incoming SFTP TCP traffic through.

It is recommended that you have a wired connection to your Tracker Pro Server  to ensure file access speed and consistency.

A. To switch on the SFTP service on the server complete the following steps:

1. On the Tracker Pro Server load the SFTP settings from the menu.
2. Check and change if necessary
  1. The public iP address to reflect your external IP address ( this should be a static IP address)
  2.  your (local) IP address ensuring it is correct and reflects the current (fixed) IP address of your Tracker Pro server.
  3. Your Port number ensuring this port is free on your router.
3. Press Save
4. Press Start 

B. Starting the Tracker Pro Service on both the Tracker Pro Server and the Tracker Pro Clients.

  1. Ensure you open the port you have allocated on your modem/router and create a service directing all traffic from the allocated port to your Tracker Pro server
  2. Create an exception for traffic on the port within any software firewalls you are running on the Tracker Pro Server PC
  3. Test it is working fully by completing the following:
  1. Loading a file from your filing cabinet on the customer web app.
  2. Sending an email from a Remote WAN Client and ensuring it is processed and received correctly.
  3. Add a file on the filing cabinet on an WAN client and ensuring you can load by double clicking it on both the Server and WAN Client PCs filing cabinet.

1. To create a service on your router you would typically type the IP address of your router into a browser, login, search for services and select add,select your port range and destination and Save.
2. To create an exception in your software firewall on the Tracker Pro server will be different deepening on the software you are using. The following shows how to do that with Windows Firewall software:


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