Creating a New Contract - Renewal Wizard

Creating a New Contract - Renewal Wizard

To create a new contract using the installation system renewal wizard, complete the following process.

  1. Click on the Installation Activity icon for the record you wish to renew within the Installation Module
  2. Click on New Contract to start the Renewal Wizard.
  3. Select a Standard Service Level - If you have not set them up yet for this system type (i.e you have none displayed) Click the Add/Edit button to add them first.
  4. Check and edit if need-be the contract then press Next until the wizard is complete.
  5. After completing the wizard,  check your new contract details (you can scroll across all contract history using the arrows).
  6. Check your services outstanding on the contract and next service dates are correct.
  7. Press Save to save the contract to the database.
  8. Note that your contract start and end dates have been updated.
  9. Note that your Next Service date  has a date and a schedule button indicating this is now available to be scheduled for an engineer visit .

To understand the next steps - how to schedule the service visit watch the following video  >>>>  Booking a Service Visit

NB. There are other ways to create contracts after the first contract is created for a system using the Convert Live process in the Installations module/ Renewal Manager or the Batch Renewal process in the Renewal Manager.
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Step 2

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Step 4

Step 5 , Step 6, Step 7

Step 8 and Step 9

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